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I understand

but I don't agree with you. I used to agree with you, so I know how you feel. It's why I'm not calling names and being all pissed off.

I don't pray for the death of Palestine people, but for their suffering, which by no falut of your own, you choose to blame Israel, but Israel as you know it, is propeganda so you will contest Israel's funding (which Israel is not taking US finding so far this year), and Palestinian funding (tents, blankets, baby formula) Palestine is like a big FEMA camp of Jordan. Palestine even flys the flag of Jordan, not Israel, so why blame Istrael, when it's Israel who gives them jobs, and much more. I know, you focus on the losses. That's not an accident, and it is propeganda, because you never get the whole of the story, except BAD Israel.

I've always been pretty independent minded. I found long ago, when you follow a group, you short sell yourself, and sometimes, it's not so easy to stand for what needs to be stood for.. back in 07/08, not too many were standing for Ron Paul at first. And I'm sure, within a number of years, the tune about Israel is going to change.. because Americans are buying propeganda that is not helping them restore the constitution or move away from global govenrment.. and Israel will be free, while America may not be.

I'm sure there will be plenty who will blame Israel for that too. Blaming Israel means, you don't know the truth. That's all it means.