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If you are asking whose land it was first?

Then please go read an ancient Torah scroll. Israel is over 3500 years old.

"Palestine" is what the Romans named the region after they conquered it over 2000 years ago. It always remained 'Israel' as far as Biblical standpoint. But from the standpoint of the conquering Romans and their subsequent empire, they named the land after the ancient biblical enemy of the Jewish people, the Philistines. In Arabic there is no 'f' or 'ph' sound, there is only 'p' sound, so Philistine becomes Palestine.

As far as who has been there... Well, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Arab pagans have been there for millennium. The Jews never left. The Pagans were always there too. Rome later converted all the empire to Christianity, so many pagans were converted to Christians. Then the rise of Islam and the Crusades. That pretty much got rid of the Arab pagans, now forced conversion to Islam. Back and forth between Christians and Muslims, all the while Jews remained there, though many dispersed across Europe before, during and after Crusades.

That was pretty much how it remained until WW2. I'll tell you one thing, the USA wouldn't allow those Jewish refugees to come here, but they brought in the Nazi brain-trust with open arms into the MIC.

Most of the European countries wouldn't let the Jews in either. So they went to their ancient homeland where many Jews had remained in peace, but which was now under British control. The Muslims there resented the Jewish population, the new immigrants as well as the Jews who were always there, and there were clashes. The British abandoned Palestine, leaving the Jewish population defenseless, or so it seemed. Jews had secretly been making small-arms underground where the British forces and Muslims did not know about. They knew they would be on their own again and were not going to allow another holocaust.

There was fighting in the streets and the Jewish population prevailed over the radical Muslims who did not want 'infidels' living among them. With this culminated the re-establishment of the nation of Israel. Immediately all the surrounding Muslim nations attacked Israel, believing they would easily wipe out this rag-tag bunch of Jewish infidel refugees, but G-d made it so that Israel would prevail, and His prophesy of Israel "putting on new leaves" would come true.

If you are asking who fired the first shot, threw the first punch... No one knows, and it is highly irrelevant at this point. If you are asking whose land it was first. I believe that answer is clear.

And to be honest, the people whose land it was ORIGINALLY, before the ancient Hebrew Tribes conquered the land over 3500 years ago, first destroying the city of Jericho, they are long since gone.

As of this point, the Muslims claim that Jerusalem is a Holy city to them as well, even though Jerusalem, nor Palestine is mentioned even one time in the Koran while the word Jerusalem is mentioned hundreds and hundreds of times in the Bible. So both sides are making religious claims to the land. If you are going to knock the Old Testament, you have to knock the Koran to be consistent.

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