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Comment: Agreed the shooting into feet, if true, is just insane...

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Agreed the shooting into feet, if true, is just insane...

Totally unacceptable and the worst kind of example or precedent to set. It is just plain wrong and does not represent G-d like Israel should be doing.

These border patrol IDF guys were taking fire from "protesters" (they're not exactly just protesters anymore when they start shooting at you) just a few days earlier, so they must have jumpy and emotionally on-edge and unstable.

That is no excuse though. Israel should be far better represented than this kind of brutality.

That said, when police in the USA or our troops overseas commit violence or atrocities it does not mean the American people are evil and condone that. I hope people can understand that is not acceptable to the Israeli people as well, and one incident should not reflect on entire nation of people.

Unfortunately, if nothing is done to correct it, this does reflect on Israeli leadership.

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