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I don't agree

It's not the same as a Mexican drug smuggler. Those walls are not built because Israel can't think of better ways to spend money, but in their case, surrounded by Jihadists who have prooved too many times they will take every opportunity to "wipe Israel off the map", bomb buses, bomb establishments, attack people.. Israel needs to do whatever it needs to do, and if that brings on hell fire, then sobeit, but until then, being human, and faced with many lethal enemies, Israel has the right to self determine what makes the people of Israel safe. I think they do an outstanding job.

Many people support Israel for many different reasons.. AIPAC and ADL, I don't agree with either in their means of support, I don't agree with every evangecal or secularist, yet, we have something in common and that is to support Israel. Sure Isrel makes mistakes. America makes mistakes. To err is human. The world is not perfect, but to blame it on Israel? All that tells me is the person does not know what is Israel from an international legal perspective, they don't understand the treaties, the history, and many don't want to, but rather they have compssion and empathize with alternative media that is stagged by Russia and or Iran. I did not too far back, so I don't expect everyone or even anyone to see what I see.. but that does not mean that I will not share what I see.