Comment: I understand 'Mexican drug smuggler' isn't a perfect analogy...

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I understand 'Mexican drug smuggler' isn't a perfect analogy...

And that Israel's situation is more dire.

But deliberately shooting into the feet of a teenager multiple times?
That is cruel and unusual. It also seems like too much of a coincidence, that they just happened to be on the international soccer team.

To err is to be human. Which is why I'm an individualist, and I don't blame Israel the whole nation and the entire cause for the brutal actions of a few emotionally riled up grunts who were being shot at a day or two earlier by the same group of people and so were probably PTSD as hell. But I'm sorry that is not how G-d commands us to act, and that type of thing is as I said, unacceptable.

This does not mean I am anti-Israel. That will not happen. Just like when I protest the actions of my own government does not mean I am anti-American. I want to better America, so that we may prosper. I feel the same about Israel.

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