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It isn't meaningless: Wolfgang donated to Hillary Clinton

That was Hillary vs. Obama; after Obama was nominated, Wolfgang donated to McCain.

Why Hillary, and then why switch parties? Racism.

Here is a Wolfgang Facebook post from 2013, where he says white folks should be able to call black folks "nigger," or simply use the word freely because black folks say "nigger."

Of course, black folks don't say "nigger." Instead black folks sometimes say "nigga," to refer to themselves or others, either in an abusive way or as a term of endearment. When used in the latter, [they] took the word "nigger," in its abusive connotation, and morphed it into a term of endearment when used "positively."

I didn't say Wolfgang's support of Hillary was anything to use against his credibility or expertise, but it is interesting and was worth informing others of. Wolfgang donated to Hillary Clinton.

Also regarding Wolfgang's credibility and expertise, a few things he's said regarding Sandy Hook are patently false. I am in the process of creating some Sandy Hook truth vids that disprove some of those conspiratard fictions. What points? You'll see when they're finished and on YouTube.

Why did Wolfgang support Hillary, then after Obama was nominated, support McCain? Racism.