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No no no

It's not about being "God's children".

It's that after the British occupation of what they called Palestine, when the Brits left, they made bad promises to everyone, Jews and Druze, and Arabs, and the Turks.. they left, and the UN established Israel and Jordan, same treaty. We don't talk enough about Jordan, but basically, what is Palestine is TRANS-JORDAN, and why the Palestinian flag is the same flag for Jordan. It is a refugee camp.. Islam makes many refugees. Gaza was given to refugees.. Syria has made what 2 million new refugees.. Trans-Jordan, Palestine in under layers of AUTHORITY. Palestinian Authority (as corrupt as it gets), Islam/tribal authority, UN Authority, and then you have all these "special interests", media making issues where there are none.

The people of Palestine are dependent on Israel, not by choice, or not by Israel's design, but because Palestine Authoirty and the cultures of Islam, many people see the money coming in from America for their cause.. so why should they stop, and there are theatrics.. it's been repeatedly documented.

Ending the occupations would end the UN.. Here's where US AID goes besides Israel, but no one here complains

We are losing our rights because the UN does not appreciate rights the same way as the US Bill of Rights.