Comment: Zionism supports the rights for Jews' self determination

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Zionism supports the rights for Jews' self determination

Which means, Jews own land, Jews farm land, Jews trade, Jews do what everybody does or doesn't, of the Jew's own free will, in PEACE.

The phrase, "anto-semite" is the problem, because it was relevant for Hitler and his genetic profiling, but the term is not valad today because today Israel exists and the world is aware that Jews come from many nationalities and races because that's what happened during the disporsa, Jews procreated outside racial tribes and now we have Chinese Jews and Black Jews (many who claim to be THE real Jews) and Latin Jews, and so semetic doesn't work anymore. It shows that the ADL, like AIPAC has aqn ulterior motive for "supporting" Israel. They profit off it. I'm all for profits, but it's a form of slavery, as if the Jew or Israeli can not speak for themselves, they need ADL.

Still, for his own generation, which Ron Paul is well awre what anti-semetic means, of course these groups are going to call him that because his support is no support. And Israel has taken NO USA money this year. America is going to be in for a wake up because realty is going to surface and Israel will prevail, I have no doubt. America? I don't know. Israelis have a unity that Americans lost after 911.