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What's "exposed" look like?

I'm not an Israel firster; however, I am a zionist and I absolutely believe Israel has a legal case to exist and a moral one.

My awakening to Israel happened shortly after the convention, it was a number of things.. and at that convention, I sat next to Ben Shapiro's parent's in law who were Israeli, and talked about Israel as I never heard of Israel. The father in law was a rocket scientist and the mother in law was stunning woman, both were vegan, orthodox, as Ben is Orthodox, so it was very interesting evening that left me wanting to know more. As I said, it was a number of issues that came into play and focus.

I know exactly how most here feel about Israel. That's how I felt. So DP is a reminder for me of what I felt, what I thought. I'm not trying to convert anyone. I'm just telling it like I see it.

Of being a zionist makes me a troll.. well then, I'm a troll whose been here longer than msot LOL.