Comment: cruz is a neocon

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cruz is a neocon

The budget is at least half a trillion. I don't know the exact number but I'm sure it's pretty close. Cruz makes his entire argument around programs that amount to $170 million and $120 million. Less than .1% of military spending. Nothing in the grand scheme of things.

If he was really about small government, he would be questioning the role of the US military in the world. Couldn't we save money by closing down any of the hundreds of bases we have? Couldn't we save money by not intervening in a number of countries? Couldn't we save money by ending military contracts for planes, submarines, mercenaries, etc.?

until these questions are asked at these hearings both of these guys are just happy they made it through another hearing without having to make any significant change to how our empire is run.

Ted Cruz is a disappointment, especially being a "Ron Paul endorsed" candidate. I should have figured though when he wouldn't endorse Ron Paul for president. Neocons can't get behind the foreign policy of peace and he's just another neocon.