Comment: My current educational efforts...

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My current educational efforts...

We're trying to build an "intentional community."

The long term plan is 5000 families in one rural county.

So far, we have weekly meetings, two families with property purchases in target area and three more looking and ready to buy. People pursuing the agorism thing...making soap, cutting down trees, building stuff, milk, eggs, ...

Probably more importantly, we have 8 or 10 families represented in our meetings and another 10 to 15 occasional attendees. It turns out that the ideas of responsibility, independence, and freedom are pretty new to most people---even (especially?) those who consider themselves "conservative/libertarian." (Surprise, surprise.) So that's the primary educational component for the time being. It's not making a dent on the boob tube world, but I think it's some solid work for liberty.

We're working on a concise list of "ideologies" for marketing purposes. That is something in print that explains who we are and hopefully can give someone an idea if they want to be involved or not. I can't really say that I'm the primary gung-ho participant or promoter in this. But I am a participant.

And don't forget Appleseed:

(Saving America, one rifleman at a time.)