Comment: Israel is a 'Jewish nation' like the USA is a 'Christian nation'

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Israel is a 'Jewish nation' like the USA is a 'Christian nation'

It is a 'Jewish nation' because it is the only nation on earth with a Jewish majority, and founded biblical values. America is a 'Christian nation', for much the same reasons but there are not only Christians here and everyone is treated equal under the law. Comprende? And there are Jews, Muslims, and Christians, as well as others living in Israel.

There are plenty of 'Muslim nations'. Do you have a problem with Muslim nations, or just Jewish ones?

And there is only one Jewish nation anyway, but many Islamic only theocratic dictatorships.

And btw "hannahmontana", I'm not backpedalling on anything, don't know where you get that from. I have not once backed off my consistent stance once. You guys are a team, always the same Hate-Israel-Firsters pushing divisive, trollish issues on DP.

You want to have a fair and rational debate? I've engaged in that. But all you guys seem to want is a Jew-bashing party, and don't want anyone crashing it and spoiling your fun.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?