Comment: Damn! Shouldn't you at least

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Damn! Shouldn't you at least

Damn! Shouldn't you at least vote for the Libertarian or something???

No one learns anything if you vote Hillary! They think you actually LIKE her!

I was no fan of Romney by a long shot! But I can guarantee you, if he won, we wouldn't be dealing with obamacare right now, and the Keystone Pipeline would be under construction. Our country would be in a helluva lot better shape than it is now. I really hate the "both sides are the same" argument I hear on here all the time! It's SO NOT TRUE!

There's a time to stand on principle, and there's a time to survive! The position obama's put us in, I'm just hoping we can overcome it! And now Putin's on the rise... Still, though, I can't see myself voting for another fkn bush! And Sanitarium? HELL NO! I'll probably vote Libertarian. If a lot of people vote Libertarian, it sends a message. If you vote for hillary, they'll think it's because you love her!