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I do not ignore that point and am not a supporter of that policy

As a Messianic Jew I am not fond of some of the policies such as that one.

As I said before, just like I don't agree with everything my own government does, though I will always love and support my country and it's founding ideals, I don't always agree with every policy Israel employs. That doesn't mean I don't support the Israeli nation, as the biblical Jewish homeland. And the fact it is the biblical Jewish homeland, with a Jewish majority and based on biblical values doesn't mean Christians, Muslims, etc. cannot and should not be able to live there. Like they do live there now.

I must say that I am somewhat ignorant as to the official policy in Israel as what defines a 'Jew', how they do that, the legality of it, or whether it is just a religious practice. If you have the knowledge and can enlighten me to those facts in an objective, unbiased, factually verifiable manner I'd be very interested to learn.

In the Torah, Old Testament, the line in through the Father. That should not have changed. And as a Messianic I'm not really into the whole "Talmudic" re-invention of Judaism. My mother is Catholic, though now Messianic, and my father Jewish. I have had my Bar-Mitzvah, been baptized, etc., so I consider myself Jewish and according to G-d's laws in the Torah, I am a Jew. And I am Jewish in faith.

So I'd like to see someone somewhere tell me I'm not. If that is the official stance of someone in Israel, then I strongly disagree with that. But that hardly means I support "wiping Israel off the map" or no longer support the existence of Israel. I simply strongly disagree with the policy like I strongly disagree with other Israeli policies and MANY U.S. government policies.

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