Comment: Oh, btw... Who cares what the UN said? The UN are Nazis, yes...

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Oh, btw... Who cares what the UN said? The UN are Nazis, yes...

Judaism is a religion. If you are Jewish it is your religion. I don't care what the UN says. The UN is not Israel. Judaism is not my race.

One thing I find so hypocritical is that I don't hear you complaining about those 'Arab states' the UN was talking about. Just the Jewish ONE.

Again... I don't hear you complaining about all the hardcore Islamic totalitarian regimes that stone children and behead people for petty, ridiculous 'violations' of Sharia law. 'Honor killings'.

You don't seem to have an issue with the Islamist radicals in Hamas, the very people keeping all the problems going between Israel and those who identify as Palestinians, despite all the concessions and all the land given by Israel and the re-locations of the Israeli people. Those who refuse to live next to infidels because of their bigotry and religious bias, you support and find no issue with.

I guess you want Jews to have NOWHERE to go?
I guess you want no Jews at all.
So who is more akin to the Nazi supporter again?

There are Christian nations, right? Of course.
There are Muslim nations, correct? Absolutely.
Why is it "racist" for there to be a Jewish nation?

You racists are always playing the race card, calling others racist. You're no better than AIPAC or the ADL. In fact, you are all leftist race-baiters just like them.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?