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Not my first thought

Your response was not my first thought so it was not what I was expecting. The comment Cruz makes regarding lawlessness caught my attention as well. He makes the case for Obama's lawlessness then in the next breath states, if we have a president doing the very things he just stated Obama is doing, we no longer have a president! My response was, So what are you doing about it?! Has Cruz filed articles of impeachment? Has anyone filed articles of impeachment? There was a story on here a few days ago about a group of black republicans who had done so and where has that gone? Was it a fake story? Does anyone know who this group gave the supposed articles to and what that person has done with them? It would seem Cruz was right, the republicans stand for nothing. What about Rand? Wasn't he going to end the TSA? Oh, maybe Rand is trying so hard to get that done it is the reason why he has not done anything to stop Obama from usurping the Constitutional powers vested in the congress. Ya think?

Then a passing crazy thought occurred to me. Cruz did say if we had a lawless president (which he pointed out we have)we did not have a president. So would this mean there is no federal Government and thereby president to impeach? Would 100% of the powers (those retained by the states and the people as well as those GRANTED to the federal government) now reside with the states and people?

If anyone knows truthfulness of the articles of impeachment story and who's office it went to let us know.