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I just saw that and bumped it

Ben certainly brings some good qualities and he knows how to zap with some zingers like Ron Paul -- getting people to wake up.

When I was young in the 50' and 60's I don't remember people being so focused on a national leader like they are now. People took initiative. They served each other and thereby succeeded in their local businesses.
They were neighborly... not just my imagination.

My dad would always introduce me to the owner of a business he patronized, the grocery, lumber yard, hardware store, drug store.
People were on a first name basis.

They were the LEADERS. Not some politicians off in D.C.

Corporatism has streamlined control in America. Instead of companies and industries having to influence and manipulate 50 different legislatures, they've moved towards a central control model of concentrating on D.C. and aiming to get national legislation to pave the way for them.

That quality of local acquaintance is what I see in Ben Carson from personal contact with him.