Comment: Abolish the IRS is a libertarian idea?

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Abolish the IRS is a libertarian idea?

I dont think so. It's been talked about by both gop and libertarians for years.

I never said he'd be leading the charge, but he'd fight for it. It was very nice of Ted to step in and help Rand last year, without any preparation.

We sent Ted up there to fight, and he is. I don't think either will get the GOP nomination..which is where people start to divide themselves in Cruz vs Paul camps.

I dont think the Democrat led legislature in Kentucky will allow Rand to run for both president and senate, I don't think Ted will get passed the canadian born thing.

But they're great for liberty, even if you don't like Ted's foreign policy or the zionist goldmann sachs connection (Ron Paul got donations from Goldman Sachs as well)!/Agonzo1