Comment: In organic chem lab we made

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In organic chem lab we made

In organic chem lab we made trans stilbene using the
wittig reaction.

Trans Stilbene is colorless or slightly yellow crystals.

What we got was a brown sludge full of byproducts.

Agent Orange was was a mixture of equal parts of two herbicides, 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D. Both determined to be non-toxic to humans.

But, Agent Orange contained the sludge of byproducts which included toxic halogenated dioxins. No need to spend money purifying a product to be used in chemical warfare.

A free press that is able to report on outcomes of property damage and personal injury would allow a market to evaluate risk and harm.

Relying on government is foolish. First, they cry about mercury. Don't eat tuna fish!

Then, they turn around and mandate mercury filled light bulbs. Face palm.

The customers evaluate long term risk and harm better than an agenda driven government.

The first herbicide I bought was for a major poison ivy infestation. Spouse was very sensitive.

I used charcoal fluid and fire to kill ground wasps.

Other that fuels, paints and soaps, if it wasn't edible we didn't buy it, as a rule.

If it's not a cosmetic or topical medicine it doesn't belong on skin.

Biological processes are well defined enzymatic reactions. Chemical processes are thermal reactions that produce potential toxins.

How best is harm established and published?

Free includes debt-free!