Comment: Cruz trying to split the difference

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Cruz trying to split the difference

The race for President is as much about marketing and positioning as it is about anything else.

Cruz is trying to find a space he can occupy, and is using Rand + McCain to stake out his spot.

The race is not really about ideas. I think that both the Ron Paul, and the Obama campaigns in 2008 showed that. Ron Paul had the ideas, but they weren't marketed effectively.

Rand has a lot of the same ideas, and he's marketing them better, but the other competitors see that success and want in on some of that action. It is very much like the NFL playoffs, and like business itself. I have said that elsewhere, and many times, and I don't say it to belittle Rand, or the process.

Did Obama have ideas? I don't know, really. What he had was excellent marketing, messaging and positioning. Great logo. Handsome. Nice smile. Good speaking skills. The all around package. He was against the war, which gave a lot of people a favorable impression of him. In the end it didn't matter.

I have a friend up here in Massachusetts who in 2008 was as into Obama as I was into Ron Paul. And he watched, in horror and disappointment, as Obama sold out his positions, one by one, through the campaign, and then into the White House. He was crushed. Devastated. He now disowns Obama.

Rand's challenge will be much the same as Ron's - people stealing his ideas, as well as other candidates ganging up on him. If he is the 'frontrunner' now (I'm reluctant to drink that Kool Aid just yet), everyone guns at him, much the way everyone attacked Mitt Romney from the beginning of the 2012 GOP Playoff season.

I look at Cruz as the Mike Huckabee of 2012. Huckabee was always glomming onto Ron Paul's ideas, in his own way. That is what Cruz is doing here as well. I even saw an ad online that said, "STAND WITH CRUZ!" LOL! What blatant messaging theft. Shameless. But you know what? To some extent, it works. And that kind of messaging is not directed at people who are paying close attention, but to the people who aren't.