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p.s. the other interesting part of this article

is that it describes an alternative event to CPAC, but does not name it, nor link to it.

It's a short but frigid walk from CPAC to a less scripted and more intense all-day event.

What is the event called?

This year, as they've done since at least 2010, a group of foreign policy hawks and critics of "creeping Sharia" have put on an alternative program, inviting conservatives who either aren't at the main event or being given only a little time there.

Who else was there this year besides Cruz? Was Rand there? I doubt it. Doubt he would be invited.

Anyway, here is the organization's website, which looks fringe from that photoshopped picture of Putin as Darth Vader

They hate Grover Norquist:

Jesse Benton used to work for Grover

I don't see anything about the conference. The organizer is the Frank Gaffney, who wrote this book.

They'll attack Rand as being weak on security, and weak on Israel:

Calling out Rand Paul: Will you really defend Israel?

Only once, a year ago, did the undeclared presidential hopeful state that 'any attack on Israel will be treated as an attack on the U.S.' Does he still stand by his words?
By Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie | Feb. 11, 2014 |

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Watch out for the blind side! You don't want to get sacked by something you never see coming.

It isn't just about ideas. See my comment below for more on that. Getting stuck in the echo chamber isn't going to help anyone win.

Thanks again for the article.


He's the man.