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Two man con

The Bush-Cruz, 1-2.

The foremost authority on the two man con is American Gods, FYI. It is a work of fiction.

But the essence of the two man con is that you have two seemingly unrelated parties, working together towards a single goal.

I disagree with you that Cruz is not a threat to Rand. As long as Cruz remains in the race, he grabs marketshare from Rand. I don't think Cruz will be the nominee, so the question is what does Cruz do with his support when he folds. Will the throw it to behind Rand? Or will he toss it to Jeb?

You watched House of Cards (didn't you?) Cruz will throw his support where he gets the best deal. Some people say they're already working together.

One guy below says, "Ignore Cruz." That's dumb, because I want to see what is going on!

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