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I have communed with the Gods. They have told me, we must sacrifice 4 virgins on the next full moon or they will rain fire from the heavens and send plagues to torment us. As proof, they will warn us by blocking out the sun for a full hour on -- "insert next eclipse date".

The belief is power. Fear creates belief. They create the fear, provide the solution, and gain power over you (your money).

Politicians are the new high priests and one of their pet demons is "climate change".

But it's not even new or original. Threats from the weather have long been a staple for the priest classes. Raining fire, flooding, drought, etc etc...

It is easy to convince people that weather is both god's work and controlled by the priest class... In our case, they intend to control it with "carbon credits".

Learn to see through simplification of the picture in front of you and the entire world starts to make sense, has never changed, etc. And always the small few who can see things for what they are.

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