Comment: This is all very explainable using modern science

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This is all very explainable using modern science

The fact remains, most people HATE to hear it because it disproves global warming completely.

Allow me to give insight to how the basic earth functions first.

We have what is called a "Negative Feedback System."

1)Temperature Rises
2)Surface water from oceans evaporate
3)Sea level's shift due to less overall mass. Because our atmosphere is a pressure against the earth, it causes pressure shifts in varying sea levels.

As an example, let's say you post a sign that says from this point sea level begins:

Before shift:5 lbs pressure beings at 100ft, 50 lbs pressure begins at 1000ft
After shift: 5 lbs pressure begins at 150ft, 50 lbs pressure begins at 1050ft

The distance between the 2 pressure zones releases Carbon into the air, and is released from deep sea pressure zones. This is where the correlation between Temperature and Carbon Emissions comes from.

It is NOT Carbon in the air makes temperatures rise, that is not only 100% false, it is completely impossible.

4)As more carbon is released into the air, clouds will form. Since the majority of the earths temperature comes from the sun, the clouds will reflect the majority of the earths heat. If anyone has ever been above the clouds in a airplane, you will understand, just recall how bright it is up there.

This ability for the earth to push off heat is why we have whats called a "negative feedback system" and not a "positive feedback system". A positive feedback system refers to a planet or ecosystem that offers no way to cool itself down.

As more light is reflected, the earth will become colder. The heavier clouds will rain, causing the sea levels to rise once again, and the pressure systems will reset.

The cycle then repeats, its worth noting that this cycle can take weeks or months at a time, not hours or days.

A second point to bring up is the suns current solar flux, which is the lowest it has been in 500 years. Many believe it is about to enter another "dead cycle" where the sun shuts down, recharges, and starts back up. The last time this may have happened was during, what we now call, "the dark ages". This is also happening during a time on earth right now, where our polarities are about to switch. North will become south and south with become north, which can play a fun role in our seasons.

If anything they should have stuck with their global cooling ranting from the 80's because the earth itself has been in a state of cooling since 1998, going down just over 1 degree in the last 14 years.

Man-Made Emissions

If we then refer to man-made emissions, the entire earths man-made emissions account for .0044% of all total emissions. This includes factories, cars, everything that is made and used by man. It totals less than 1/2 of a percent. It is not that big of a deal in relation to the total earths power.

Truthfully, If man was actually destroying the planet, the entire earth would be covered in clouds as the system would be trying to regulate itself. Only in a completely cloud covered earth, where 0% of the suns light getting through, could our planet do the things they say it is doing.

To answer the question, this happens from time to time, hot cold, whatever, humankind seems to find a way to survive.