Comment: I prefer not to go into philosophy.

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I prefer not to go into philosophy.

But rather, into something that is either true or false (tangible and not).

It is true that the human brain is the most complex "machine" in the universe. But let's not go there, let's just stick to the more general area of DNA, the blueprint of life.

Now imagine this: If i were to open up the hood of a car to expose the engine, could I in my wildest imagination consider the engine (and the outer shell of the vehicle) to have been created by random chance?

Likewise, if I reverse-engineered a piece of software, let's say a video game, to expose the code/language it was written in, could I imagine that it was randomly sequenced by chance?

Even if i gave several billion years for things to evolve, there is not way I can believe such a thing. I think only those who've studied bio-chemisty and/or organic-chemistry understands that what the majority understands of DNA is only the icing on the cake, because most do not understand the intricate chemical "dance" that must take place in order for a strand of DNA to just replicate. When one studies DNA and it's replication process at the molecular level in detail, it is hard to deny that it was engineered.

So if I can look at a car engine or piece of software code and be utterly convinced it was engineered/designed, I cannot with a right conscious believe that life with all of its bio-chemical complexities could possibly be randomly evolved. Because truly these modern-day analogies are nowhere near the level of DNA complexity. And this is just considering the process of DNA replication.

IMHO, it seems obvious that there is a "creative energy" behind life and it's universe.