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Comment: Did you read the part where he said it should be europe who...

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Did you read the part where he said it should be europe who...

imposes said sanctions?

Look, sanctions are evil. Got it. But you guys talking about how the sanctions are an act of war, just because Ron Paul said it once(or twice, or however many times he said it) doesn't make it true. If anything, it is more an act of diplomacy. Reputation goes a long way. Countries are dealing with each other, and talking with each other and yes, threatening to take action in terms of foreign aid and exchange. But this is not outside the authority delegated to the federal government by the states.

Now some people will say we shouldn't be involved. Yes, you are correct.

Some will say we shouldn't have caused the coup in the first place. Good Job, you are very smart.

Some will say this will lead to trouble. News flash, we are already in more trouble than we can stand.

Some will say that neither Rand Paul, or Barack Obama speak on my behalf.You might also say, the constitution does not govern me, The state is illegitimate. Yup.

So where does that leave this rhetoric that Rand Paul is speaking. Lets say everything he asks for comes true. Less Restriction. Less Money wasted in foreign aid. More incentive to develop production in this country, Get paid for military bases we are already going to install and not get paid for OR not have those missile defense bases there. Less burden on the tax payer overall. If you really don't think that the federal government has any jurisdiction over your life, then why bitch when some one in the federal government is trying to make it cheaper for you?