Comment: Dogma, Doctrine, Opinion

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Dogma, Doctrine, Opinion

That is the issue for the libertarian crowd. Who is to say what issue is what. An audit of the fed might be doctrine to some, but opinion to others, while a libertarian foreign policy could be doctrine to some but negotiable to others.

It is interesting to me how people are trying to draw a line. Not you DJP, but in general I see people saying you if you don't support his political ventures you must hate him. And then of course there are the people that do actually think low enough of him that they might hate him. But I feel mediocre on him. It's not him I dislike so much as it is the political process. It is ok to give him credit where it is due, but not appreciate the political games that are played, and also to call him out when he does something that deserves to be pointed out as anti liberty.

I think the Rand bashing and hate can be just as fanatical as the Rand worshiping.

And I also think Rand will serve better in the senate.