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Why is not believing in

Why is not believing in supernatural deities also a rejection of love? I believe society and morality are both based on love, however I do not believe in gods/wizards/ghosts/faeries or any other super natural entity. They "may" exist, but I'm waiting on some evidence before I can believe in them. To me, the fight for liberty is the fight for love. We are fighting for the child of love, free society.

It is only because we can form bonds of love with other humans that we even have a notion of right or wrong. Those things which affect our loved ones negatively we consider bad, those that help them, we consider good. Add to this the application of human reason and we come up with a code of laws and rights that form society. Usually as a species we get it grossly wrong and choose collectivism to reach this goal, however a new age is dawning where we understand that we have a better chance at prosperity when everyone's rights and freedoms are protected, and not just our own loved ones.. because safe, prosperous people who are free won't be trying to harm my family to get what I have.

Still, though I do not believe in gods, I do respect your belief and find it a noble one. I feel though you may never add much to our understanding of the natural world if you limit yourself to a conclusion that a god did it all, I highly doubt you can go wrong with your way of thinking. I never have any problem with those who want to believe in a creator based on love who doesn't engage in torture. I have no doubt you're a great person despite our differences.