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The second you accept that a

The second you accept that a god did it all, you have abandoned the search for truth. Because you've already accepted it as the conclusion. A search for truth is a process of coming up with a hypothesis, and trying your hardest to disprove it. When you absolutely cannot, you have a theory for the moment, but you must always understand that at any time, that theory may be found wanting. When you accept God as a conclusion however, at best, you'll spend your time trying to prove "how" he did it rather than trying to disprove the likelihood that he did. However as your conclusion is probably false to begin with, all of your theories in between will also be false and drag you deeper and deeper into strange rationalizations and force you to invent new and stranger ways to explain your incorrect theories. Much like modern cosmology.

There could be a creator. I don't rule it out as a possibility. If there is, I see no reason whatsoever to assume he cannot be observed or understood. This idea that the truth might be beyond something that is provable in the material world is as strange to me as any other baseless myth. We as a species have no concept of our potential to observe and study yet. There are things observable today that we could not detect even a few years ago. Every force in nature we have ever encountered is physical in nature. Electric currents, thoughts, fire; everything is all made up, at a molecular level of matter. Why would a "creator" be any different? I wouldn't be shocked to learn I was incorrect and that there is some 5th state of things that somehow transcends matter, but even if there were, I see no reason to expect that some day, humans will discover a way to observe and study it. Trends of our history of progress would support that as the most likely.

I'll read your link soon, but I should point out that quantum mechanics is debunked mythological pseudo-science which has been utterly made void by the Electric Universe theory in my mind. I don't buy into worm holes and extra dimensions. Quantum theory is largely fiction invented to patch holes in the traditional gravity-based theory of cosmology. Its a group of people trying to explain things with math instead of observation and experimentation. When they reach the inevitable short-comings of their theories based on incorrect model, they have to invent gibberish to patch their theories, and we wind up with quantum craziness.

On the other hand, we are all particles passing through an electric field and we understand almost nothing about the interaction of these forces. So it it possible that information is passing through this current in ways we don't yet understand? Absolutely. Is their proof of a god in this? Maybe someday, not yet.

But more to the point: Even if their was a creator, why would that prompt your immediate worship? Even if I found out with 100% certainty that there was a God, I would not worship him until he provided me with a good reason too. A threat of hell is not reason for worship. Anyone who says serve me or I will torture/kill you is my enemy. Period. I wouldn't worship the Christian god as he is commonly viewed and depicted in the old testament. Id much prefer to join the billions of other like-minded people in hell. Heck that's where Thomas Jefferson is, so I'm sure there's a revolution cooking up.

The fact is, no god is worthy of worship who engages in torture, or judges you on what you believe rather than who you are. If you bow down out of fear of hell, or promise of reward, despite knowing billions of innocent people will be suffering torture while you bask in heaven, you are not only a coward, but an immoral one.