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Comment: Another doom and gloom

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Another doom and gloom

Another doom and gloom article about how the United States economy is all of the sudden just going to stop working based on ?.

I don't think such a thing will ever happen. People have been talking about, 'economic collapse,' in America for a very long time now.

In historical terms, people have been saying that America is going to suffer financial ruin for over the past 230 years.

All fiat currencies failed in the past because computers didn't exist.

Digital fiat money is the new form of money, be it credit cards, Bitcoin, or even a check.

People pay bills online without exchanging anything physical, their payments are made via digital transactions.

The majority of Americans would rather take a $100 bill vs. a 1 ounce gold coin worth almost 13 times the FRN printed out of thin air.

That is amazing in itself, and proves how powerful the dollar really is.

Give the average American a gold coin worth more than $1,200 and what will they say?

"Can I buy a cheeseburger at Mcy D's with this coin?"

No. You can't. Go through a drive through window and try to pay for your burger and fries with a gold coin.

Go to Macy's and try to buy a nice new outfit with a 1 oz. gold coin.

Go to Wally World and try to pay for your groceries with your Silver Eagle coins.

I think the only way this economy collapses is if a majority of people start shopping with gold and silver coins and demand cash for change.

There wouldn't be enough cash.

The United States of America is the most powerful nation in the world, and I'm not ashamed of that fact.

We should be the most powerful nation on the planet based on our history.

America invented the Middle Class. America invented the car for the average person. America invented the I-phone, telephone, home television, professional sports leagues, advertising, newspapers, journalism, skyscrapers, the camera, movies, dishwashers...and even the toilet bowl.

WE ARE AMAZING! America is still beautiful, and green dollar bills are still the most popular currency on earth.

Name me one single alternative currency that could ever possibly challenge that Mona Lisa smile on George Washington's face?

There isn't one, and that's a good thing.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.