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Comment: Why not use a trust but verify approach to Rand?

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Why not use a trust but verify approach to Rand?

Rand has watched his father be ignored, ridiculed, lied about, and worse by the GOP establishment and media. Why on earth would he be a turncoat? Could Rand be the ultimate evil bad guy who stabs his dad in the back, setting back every effort made by all of us? Sure. And Obama could be a liberty lover in hiding, waiting for his last months in office to undo everything thing his puppeteers have made him do. I see both as highly unlikely.

Even Ron would be proud of libertarians desire to distrust Rand or even himself. "America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government." he said. It is healthy to keep an eye on Rand and hold his feet to the fire. It is healthy to verify what he says and does. However, we have to trust someone. If Ron Paul's own son can't be trusted by his own supporters then it seems that at least some of the issue is emotional.

Rand is not Ron. He does things different. He plays the game a bit. However, he is the doing more to advance the message of liberty to the masses than anyone on the planet at this time. He may not be doing it the way you would. He may not be doing it the way Ron did, but he will take the message further than Ron did. If libertarians took half of the time they spent on bashing other libertarians and used that time to help and encourage libertarians promoting liberty we might win an election.

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