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Do you like baseball?

I am tutoring a foreign language learner in English. His math tutor is out of town for spring break and he asked me if I would help him with geometry yesterday lol! I tried to explain to him that he would be better off just not having my help at all in that area. Anyways, I gave it a try. We were talking about applying shapes and whatnot to things he likes. He loves baseball and he was reading or attempting to read (I just told him to start grabbing books that interested him and jump in, and that would be one of the quickest ways to pick up English) This book.

The author sounded familiar and I knew I had a book by him, which I did and that was Dreamland, but I have not yet read it. I love that era of American history. A lot. I always took history elective classes and I have studied various period of history from around the world and all history is interesting in it's own right, but that era of American history is so alluring to me. So, I plan on starting the book soon. I think I got it a few years ago and ended up having to box it because of moving and then forgetting to get around to it.

Fordlandia looks really interesting also.

Oh, and this one, this is another one of the American history books I love. It's historical fiction, yet this guy did tons of research and it is amazing. Actually the only other 2 people I know that have read it found it to be boring, and I can see that. It has a Steinbeck feel in the writing, where a lot is shoved into each sentence and it moves slow but it is worth finishing in my opinion.

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
― Dr. Seuss