Comment: What's wrong with buying

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What's wrong with buying

What's wrong with buying products? As if consumption is purely a bad's not. Business is a good thing. People buying products from all over the globe is a good thing.

Consumption is good, not bad.

When Americans buy foreign made products, they are helping support the people who are employed to create those products.

If the United States cut its consumption in half, how many jobs would be lost all over the world?

Probably enough to cause a global economic depression.

The last thing the world economy needs is for the American consumer to stop buying products because we are their biggest customers.

America is still the light of the world...and our economy requires the most energy because of it.

If the blood flow to each anatomical part of the human body was distributed equally at all times, we'd all be dead because our hearts and minds (brains) wouldn't be able to function.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.