Comment: I explained to an AT&T rep

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I explained to an AT&T rep

I explained to an AT&T rep about NSA working with ATT today. I asked her if she knew that NSA kept a record of every phone call and every e-mail in a huge data-base in Utah. She guessed what NSA was.
"Do you know who Edward Snowden is?" "No." "You work at ATT and don't know this? Maybe you should look into it because it violates the fourth amendment"-(explained 4th amd.)
She asked why? I said to look for so-called terrorists.
I said, "I know I sound crazy but it is really true." She said she would google it.
Most people do not have a clue and do not care. But keep it up because once in a while, someone does.
I wish I had an easy answer. I comment on Yahoo and places like that and once in a while somebody gets it. My posts are mostly anti-war.
WARPIGS. Pigs and Rats. Get creative.