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That was an interesting video. I have not made it to Japan. I had a friend teaching English in Tokyo for a while. When I had to leave China I had 3 options for those few weeks between leaving China and going back to the US. My friend in Thailand who I ended up seeing for a day anyways, my friend in Tokyo who didn't respond to the SOS email that was sent out until after my friend in South Korea did. It's nice having friends everywhere. Anyways, as you know I ended up in South Korea which is where the student I am tutoring is from. He is great. He works hard, he is interested in more than just the language. He is humble and can laugh at his mistakes and use them to go forward. He also cooks for me and I made him some brownie concoction things I left in the chow session the other night. He also always wants to pay me way more than I charge and it is so endearing, but I can't take it.

Hey, I know someone else who applied for a fullbright but didn't make the cut, but would have gone if she did and would have also been called a NWO schill lol.

Did you notice with that speed reading thing Ed shared that certain words come up coded in color. Therein lies the secret. Ok, that's probably not the scientific secret, but it is the secret for me.

It sounds like you wanted to be a sports journalist then. Hunter S. Thompson started out as a sports journalist.

I'll have to talk to the op of this thread to see if you deserve to be banned or not. I think sometimes she doesn't mind if no music is included as she finds it to be a respite from other threads in it's relaxing qualities as long as no one is YELLING!!!! in all caps.

I will pass that book about baseball in Japan to my student. Even as a speed reader my own list grows quite quickly and I feel like I will never get to all of it.

The mail keeps getting detoured. I guess that is the accuracy of the USPS for ya.

I see you linked to the infamous Postcards from the Revolution blog. I am a subscriber to that blog. The author has a good thing going with that.

This is for you. You don't have to listen to all of them, but it is about the history of virtual communities and where they are headed in the future. I listened to all of them over the past few weeks, one at a time in the background, it had some interesting information.

Oh no, I didn't play a song either. Is the mayor of the DP going to ban the mayor of the jam session?

A group of pandas is called an embarrassment. Sometimes Chris Cudnoski is called an embarrassment. Coincidence?....hmmm....