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or you could say

How does any person, anywhere think that (insert GOP or Dem name here) is a good option? She/he is the physical embodiment of everything that most people in the liberty movement are against and having her/him as president is the worst possible scenario for this country.

I think you've been hannitized Denise. Your description sounds like fox news sound script. :)
So Denise, please tell me how the GOP criminals that will run wont be about the same as Hillary?

The gop told me to go away in the last election. I listened and went away. I don't throw my vote away. I use it to help burn the gop to the ground. If it takes three terms of dems in the white house for them to get a clue, then oh well.
I think the OP here was actually talking about how our voting probably doesn't matter much anyway, and that was as much bush and the gops fault as anyone elses.

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