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Could these hi-tech

Could these hi-tech passengers have been hijacked for their information by a powerful government? China might want to have these guys. They could easily have intercepted that plane, jammed all communications and forced the pilot to land at a Chinese airfield. Liuzhou China comes to mind. We flew a Chinese flight from Sanya to Wuhan several years back and we had to make a stop there. It is a small airport with a tiny terminal and only one runway. There are migs parked at the southern end as this airport is primarily military with allowance for commercial air travel. When we landed there we were the only plane at the terminal which had no gates and we had to walk down the portable stairs to deplane to go into the terminal. We could either stay on the plane for the stop or leave to stop at the terminal for restroom and snacks. We chose to deplane and it was an interesting experience as there was not much there. A single guard stood at the entrance to the "terminal" and there was nothing much inside other than some seating and restrooms.

Anyway, if the plane was intercepted and diverted to somewhere like this, there's no way we could ever detect it unless we just got lucky with satellite imagery (unlikely).

Beware the cult of "government"...