Comment: Come on this stuff should be easy

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Come on this stuff should be easy

to those who have went through 08 and 12. Cruz has two goals.

Goal one: is to be in it to win it and to offer everything Rand does while still holding up the beacon of Foreign intervention. Intervention is the life blood of both parties. Think of it this way intervention = Progressivism. This first goal is an illusion. to set up the next goal.

Goal two: Is to steal as many supporters from Rand Paul as possible. Divide tea party interventionist and Ron Paul non-interventionist. Then once he has went all the way to the end of the primary he drop out and endorse Jeb Bush.

They are not looking to win over the Libertarians they are looking to draw the interventionist sheep back to the security of the fold. Then they leave the sheep with the lesser of two evils yet again. The sheep cannot help themselves. They hate Democrats ticks more than they hate Republican ticks. They will vote for the lesser evil and the cycle goes on and on and on ect.....................

Rand is going to learn a very hard lesson if he runs. The tea party will learn nothing and the hard core Libertarians will learn nothing and the neocons will get exactly what they want, more intervention = progressivism. Neocons are not conservatives they don't even want slow intervention they want progressive intervention. They just don't want blamed for it. When people get tired of fast Progressive intervention (domestic)they will eventually vote in a more slow conservative progressivism (foreign). It's really just a matter of which tick you chose to have drink your blood. You like the fast sucking tick that will kill you quick or the slow drinking tick that will give you incurable lime disease and make you suffer the rest of your life and make you wish you were dead.