Comment: as Gollum would say...

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as Gollum would say...

Because they wants it. I need my AR as a last-line of defense against any sort of Mob or other bully who wishes to harm me or my family. I'm 20 minutes away from law enforcement and i'd be dead before they show up against someone who wishes to steal my property and harm my family. I can protect myself from 500-1000' away w/ a scope and some 3000 ft/second .223 or .556 nato ammo.

Our government bullies have the bullets w/ hollowpoint and the m16 w/ full auto. I should have at least something comparable of leveling the playing field, and a handgun or 410/12 gauge shotgun is not that answer. I don't need my AR to hunt deer or squirrels. It's my SHTF preparation gun and AMMO is expensive.

Peace, Freedom and Prosperity. Not War, Welfare and Bankruptcy.