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"NOt being a republican and not voting in the primaries and not getting involved ensures tyranny perpetually!"

Really? Politics is tyranny. The more time I spend in politics the more tyranny I experience. If we spent no time in politics and instead focused that allocated effort on upholding the law then we would bring criminal tyrants to justice and REMOVE THOSE CRIMINALS FROM SOCIETY. If our laws are upheld politics doesn't matter.

"You gotta stay in it to win it!"

It seems so many believe this is like some kind of sick game to win.

Everyone seems to think that we need to be in charge to 'fix' things with statutory policy changes. I would argue that assuming the application of government and commercial regulatory policy to the people is the real failure and that until we as a people understand that fact in law then we will always lose and be our own worst enemies regardless of whom is elected.

Politics is the same game that created this mess but everyone demands more of the same with just a different opinion. It is the opinions that destroyed our freedoms so why wouldn't we actually solve the problem instead of just changing the problem?

Did you ever consider that the political process itself and assumptions about how law is applied is the REAL problem? Did you ever consider that the entire political process is not functioning within law and that through modern politics we literally broke the law? Did you ever consider that if we ourselves don't understand proper functions and application of law then we might be the tyrants of the future to another?

I'd say that politics is way short of the finish line for the awakening and that politics only makes tyranny and never prevents it. All of history has proven this as fact. Not only that but politics is about the least effective solution there is to upholding the protections of law once one actually understands the law.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...