Comment: It was amazing for the Privus

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It was amazing for the Privus

It was amazing for the Privus team to watch the Edward Snowden Q&A at SWSX today. If you haven't watched it, it's absolutely worth the watch.

Here's one of our favorite quotes:

“[Consumers] have to choose between a service that’s easy to use and reliable and polished, or a tool that is highly secure and impossible for the average person to use. That reflects the fact that the services that are developed by large companies with the resources to put 100 developers on the user interface – those are the ones that are not optimized for security.

And the tools that are designed with security as the first goal, are typically made by independent developers and activists and hobbyists – and they’re typically tools made by geeks for geeks. And so what that means is the regular users have to pick. They have to pick between a service they cannot figure out how to use [but offers true security] or a service that… works out of the box. [but offers little true security]”