Comment: "we're not going to recognize the world in a few more years"

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"we're not going to recognize the world in a few more years"

That made me think of something. My Uncle worked for a while helping prisoners who have just been released get back into society with job placement and housing assistance and whatnot. A few years ago he was telling me that one of his recent clients had gone into prison in the late 80's and got out in the late 00's, I think this 08 or 09 or something. He said that guy was more shocked by all the technology he had missed.

Think of that though. Missing 20 years of technological advancements from the 80's-00's. When he went in, cell phones were a thing only government agencies and extremely wealthy people had and they were the size of bricks and operated more like walkie talkies. When he gets out everyone has a cell phone, they are used for more than communications, they are used for internet, listening to music, taking pictures....

And then the internet itself as the primary means of communication and social networking sites and so on and so forth.

And credit/ debit cards. While people had them when he went in, it was just as common if not more common to use cash or personal checks.

And then movie streaming, kindles, ipods.....

The world was probably completely unrecognizable to him.