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AllPaul, my post above was not directed at you. I am confused why you responded to me the way that you did, unless you are posting on somebody else's behalf.

But to respond:

I will never dispute that there have been major 'questions' during the 2012 election. Much of it can be found in documentation and on youtube.

I personally have not encountered any wrong-doing at the two precincts that I worked single-handedly - all three of my RP delegates won hands down and were published. Had other precincts focused on what they were tasked to do, we would have yielded higher results.

There is no pattern of me implying that others are stupid. We are each individuals, all with varied talents.

Not a perfect world - I never claimed that you stated that. Those were my words, implying that there is no easy way. If there was, we would have already succeeded.

Where was I? I was there every step of the way, from here to Philly, all the way to Tampa. I also headed up and coordinated the delegate mailing project for most of the states prior to convention (thanks again to all who participated!):

Oh, and I never avoid facts. In fact, facts are my specialty. See my sig :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul