Comment: I dont think so - I live here - and this is water cooler talk

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I dont think so - I live here - and this is water cooler talk

people who dont follow politics are talking.
And I can tell you - people are pissed.

Even those that dont give a crap about guns are not happy. For a cop to make such a statement on facebook is over the top.

You also have to understand - and I guess I should make a post - but - Branford is a middle to upper middle class shoreline community here in CT.
This is not some inner city beat cop saying this. This is a town that probably has not had a violent crime in decades. Cops in these towns are not supposed to talk and act like that. They are supposed to go to parades and make people feel good. They are supposed to keep residents from out of town off their beach. They are supposed to make sure traffic is handled during the fireworks over the marina.

They are NOT supposed to be talking about giving away nuts to kick in local residents doors. I am telling you - people would be appauled if the local cops kicked in any door for any reason. They are not supposed to act like that - that behavior is for "those" people - you know - those people from the low income areas - not their idyllic New England town.
And I assure you - the chief IS taking it seriously because they will throw his ass out in two seconds. These are educated people who pay very high taxes and they expect a certain level of professionalism - no - they demand it.
LOL- I would put a 100 dollars that the chief has already been asked by more than one resident if that is a department dog - and that will be coming up at the next budget meeting.