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All things considered, yes.

We all know what it's like for leaders to do what they want without the people's consent, eh?

Let me ask, What if Mexico moved to take back Texas to bring the people back to the homeland. You for this?

Will you gladly become Mexican or will you leave?

Where do all those people who are not thinking the homeland was so great go?

What happens to US agreements with Europe? Ok if it goes to Russia, US don't need trade?

I've heard the escede my entire life. First in Hawai'i where white kids get beat up every friday for ruining Hawai'i. I had a chef, Hawai'ian, and I assumed he was for the seccession. When discussing it withhim he said that Hawai'i was going to come under some government control, possibly France or Japan, so when looking at it like that, Hawai'i was very fortunate to come into America as a state, and it's been good for Hawai'i. I think he's right.

I think it would completely suck for Mexico to take Texas and I think Putin needs to focus on Russia, more than arming people for wars.