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There is some truth

There is some truth to what you say Granger. There is often a hypocrisy in some people that are "anti-war" , but really only seem to be outraged by American wars.

Of course, Putin is no saint and noone to be praised. The issue is complicated as Russia already had an agreement and had troops in Crimea in accordance with that agreement.

What I take issue with is this idea of "investments". Whose investments are they that need to be protected? Yours? Mine? I have no personal investments there, and if I did the honus would be on me to see that they are protected. The U.S. government owns no assets of its own, only the wealth it confiscates from others. Any "investments" that might be referred to here are referring to crony corporations that want the U.S. government to do their dirty work for them. This is pure mercantalism , and incompatible with the ideas of liberty.
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