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Comment: All those years ago

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All those years ago

Hi Jam Session!

I had a very intense conversation with an old friend of mine from Seattle today, and I spent the last hour or so writing him an email, and in the course of writing the email the words, "All those years ago," came to mind. Then I decided to go look for that video. It is a George Harrison song, singing about the days with the Beatles. So I pull up the video, and I'm listening, and watching and at :24, my jaw drops.

Our DJ friend here will understand. We've been joking around about that animal.

There goes the Universe again. Doing that thing.

BTW, I was with my friend Republic Man today, and we were talking about how the Universe does its thing and he said, "Oh you think [that thing that just happened] was a coincidence? That's what the Universe does. I gave up fighting the system a long time ago."

Ha ha ha! Well, here's the video. Especially enjoy at :24.

Love you Jam Session!