Comment: Well he is 4 and doesn't know

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Well he is 4 and doesn't know

Well he is 4 and doesn't know about how us silly grown ups draw imaginary lines on pieces of paper to differentiate one king's property from another King's property. To him you are either a nice person or a mean person. Wouldn't it be a better world if we all thought that way? Wouldn't it be a better world if instead of identifying ourselves by a nationality we identified ourselves as humans? There seems to be this primitive tribal need to divide up and put ourselves in conflict with other tribes out of manufactured fear of one another, and false belief that those in the other tribe are inferior, thus killing them is justified.

I hope my son doesn't go anywhere near politics, but if he did it is up to him what he does. I am raising my son to be kind and honest, so he would be a lousy politician anyways. I hope he is proud of his roots from both sides, and if that is an unacceptable position then those people would not deserve him as a public servant. Let them continue to have the cast of clowns they have always and will always root for.

You are probably right, why have a dual citizen that is an upstanding and honest person when you can have a thieving liar that is 100% American and will take any loyalty oath they need to. Just as long as they wear one of the little American flag pins on the collar of their $2k suits. If people come to confiscate firearms they will be full citizens that have taken an oath to the constitution.