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Comment: We better start RESURRECTING our morals from the grave or

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We better start RESURRECTING our morals from the grave or

... or this country will have had it, and the global elites will have won the day.

Most of you are now becoming familiar with the term NGO, but what you don't understand is what these NGOs do. They are funded by the elite billionaires, including George Soros, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild family, and the CFR entities. The NGOs mission is to brainwash the masses by breaking down the things that unify a country---namely, their morals, religious beliefs and values. They have been working on America for five decades now. They have entered our higher-level educational institutions, infested our churches, and encouraged immigration from Third World countries to undermine our religious values, paid off Congress, Senate, and even the Supreme Court, all to destabilize our country. When we lose the unity, we lose the will to fight for what is right, and that loss of unity that is lost is nationwide. Christian beliefs united us from coast to coast, not just in pockets. Now, we fight over things that only affect 3% of this country.

The elites have succeeded. But, why do they want to destabilize a country? Here's the part that most understand. They want to go into a designated country to extract its vast resources and land etc. etc. Ukraine has gas, and they also have a border that aligns with Russia where the US can put missiles and tanks pointing at Russia.

They rummage and pillage, and they will not stop---- until someone stops them!

Do you really think that our politicians will stick around, when the ship starts sinking? When China, India, Russia, and all the other euro Asian countries don't need us anymore? Fyi, Russia is out of debt, did you know that? Do you really think that Dianne Feinstein would even bother handing us a hankie after our 401(k)s and IRAs are decimated? Or, do you think they will take their vast wealth and convert it into another currency, so that they will survive just fine, but it will have been at our expense.

So, before you fall for the "polls" and their fake results, you better be fast grabbing our old traditional values again. Maybe then we can save the ship.