Comment: I can't wait to show this to Samantha

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I can't wait to show this to Samantha

This is cool because it is art.

My theory on those Neurosky brain readers is that they'll train people to do telekinesis. Initially you need their device and a computer interface to manipulate the physical world, like this:

Eventually, you won't need the intermediaries. Like what Neo did with the sentinels in the Matrix Reloaded.

I mentioned the other day that Michio Kaku was in town promoting his new book, The Future of the Mind.

He talked about some other technology that will actually be able to recreate visual / video images of our thoughts and dreams! He showed pictures from a crude prototype. Here is an article about it, though the video seems to be missing.,2817,2393450,00.asp

The future is going to be... weird.

He's the man.